Born and raised in Southern California, Cecilia Blackwell started singing at age four. At age nine, she wrote her first song. Her father was a DJ whose tune selections helped her fall in love with music. Listening to groups she loved like The Emotions and The Jones Girls, helped train her ear and started her love affair with vocal harmonies. She would practice singing all of a song's harmonies, developing a four octave range. Cecilia's smooth and intricate vocal layerings have become part of her trademark. 

Her father, hailing from the South Bronx and Harlem, sent Cecilia to NYC for her childhood summers. Because of this, Cecilia is a self-proclaimed "Eastcoast ValleyGirl." She uses influences her West and East upbringing in her music. 

Currently, Her latest venture is “Song'ffirmations” in which she writes and creates songs from affirmations. She created a company around this revolutionary concept. The response to the songs have been incredible.


  • Honed her craft writing and singing jingles for radio
  • Learned song arranging by working on countless songs for a private recording studio
  • The Songwriting Academy Alumnus


IG: cecilias_aprettyname

Spotify: Ceciliasaprettyname

Youtube: ceciliasaprettyname